seed GROW project

The seed GROW project is a communal seed growing project for garden bloggers. The idea behind it is to get as many garden bloggers as possible to grow the same plant, starting from seed. In sharing the seed starting process, experience, tips and creativity throughout the growing season perhaps we'll create a sense of community among garden bloggers who may only know each other online. has generously agreed to be the the sponsors of the seed GROW project. Renee'sGarden is an independent online seed seller of heirlooms, culinary herbs, vegetables and unusual flowers. To kick off the first seed GROW project Renee will be providing us with Nasturtium "Spitfire" to grow in our gardens. This Nasturtium is a climbing variety with red flowers. "Spitfire" is perfect for growing on fences, trellises or allowing them to drape over balconies. She says it is a perfect plant to grow because "it covers a multitude of sins in the garden." Garden bloggers participating in the seed Grow project will be added to the media list for Renee's Garden and will receive the same press kit as writers, magazines and newspapers receive, along with the Nasturtium seeds we'll be growing.
For now, the seed Grow project is open to active garden bloggers within the U.S. Participating garden bloggers will commit to posting on the 1st Sunday of the month, at least once a month during the growing season, beginning with the day you receive your seeds. On this day we'll visit as many garden bloggers as possible to see how their seeds are doing. If you can't commit to posting (and following along) once a month please do not sign up so that those who are interested can participate. Ideally, your first post for the seed Grow project will answer the following questions: Where did you plant your seed Grow project seeds? In your garden? Community Garden? Did you do anything special to the seeds prior to sowing them?
Ideas for topics after the 1st month:
  • Growth rate
  • What kinds of insects are visiting your plants
  • What kind of fertilizer are you using
  • How are you using the plant in your garden.
  • What uses are you finding in the home and kitchen for the plants
  • Photo essays.
  • Video reports.
  • An artist? Show us your painting or crafts created from your plants and flowers
These are just some ideas to help you get the juices flowing in case you encounter writer's block. To help keep track of the post; please label the posts GROW project and add:
"I'm growing Nasturtium "Spitfire" for the GROW project, thanks to for the seeds."
at the end of your posts so they can be tracked and linked to a monthly roundup post here. In addition all participating garden bloggers will be added to the blogroll for the Grow Project blog and a badged made available.

Update: 2/4/10

Registration is now closed. We'll be posting more information shortly.