About GROW project

The GROW project is a communal growing project for active garden bloggers. The idea behind the GROW project is to create a sense of community among garden bloggers who may only know each other online by simultaneously growing the same plants. The first phase is the seed GROW project, with plans to hopefully expand into other areas.

GROW Community Managers

MrBrownThumb: Is the pseudonym of the blogger behind MrBrownThumb, GardenBloggers.com, AmaryllisBulbs.org and ChicagoGarden for the ChicagoNow network of blogs. Part gardener, amateur photographer, snarkist, pop culture-rubbernecker and friend of Luddites in the gardening world. Currently, he's spending more time advising gardening companies and urban greening projects, (One Seed Chicago) than he is actually gardening.

Colleen Vanderlinden: is a garden blogger, writer, and author. She blogs at In the Garden Online, About.com Organic Gardening, and Planet Green. When she's not writing or blogging about gardening, she's probably gardening, coaching homeowners and businesses about gardening, or chasing down her kids.