Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Seed GROW is Back for 2011

The SeedGROW project is back for the 2011 growing season. This year the selection of gardeners trialing seeds provided by Renee's Garden is smaller than the first year due to time constraints. A couple months ago I posted the signup offer on Twitter & Facebook with a short window to reply and participate in the grow along. Here are the bloggers who joined the project this year. :> A Container Garden Journey.> Overwhelmed.> SeedGROW 2011.> 2011 SeedGROW Project Kicks-Off Today.> SeedGROW is Back.> SeedGROW 2011.> SeedGROW Project 2011.> Seed Starting Bio-Dome From Plastic Bin. :>> SeedGROW 2011. :> Using Washtubs for Container Gardening.> SeedGROW Project 2011.

This year we'll be joined by Nellie who works at Renee's Garden who will be growing the seed along with the garden bloggers. Our first posts about growing Basil "Cameo," Lettuce "Garden Babies" and marigold "Yellow Splash" will publish on June 2nd. Subsequent post will occur on the 2nd of every month. My apologies to those who wanted to sign up this year but didn't get a chance. I'm short on time this year and couldn't cast as wide a net as I did last year. I'll update this post with links to this month's post as they come in.

"I'm growing with the SeedGROW project. Thanks to Reenes Garden for the seeds."