Sunday, October 3, 2010

seed GROW Links for October #seedGROW

Sorry for the delay in creating the post for the SeedGROW roundup. This is the final SeedGROW post for the season and I want to thank everyone for their participation. I hope to do something similar next season. If you continue to have reason for post (blooms, recipes, ideas) past this month into winter I'll be happy to create a post and link to this. I hope you enjoyed the project and got to meet some new garden bloggers and discovered a plant that you will grow for years to come. If you're late (raises hand) with your post feel free to drop a link to your post in the comments. Also, look over the past months and if I somehow missed your previous post please let me know, I want to make sure to get all of them archived.

Miller Time: SeedGROW October Update.
MrBrownThumb: 'Creamsicle' Nasturtium | 'Spitfire' Nasurtium (updated)
Mahlzeit: Spitfires soldier on.
Garden Faerie's Musings: The Scenic Route.
The Indoor Garden_er: Seed GROW Project #7 DOA.
My Skinny Garden: Plant Nasturtiums Facing North.
My Northern Garden: Deep Orange Nasturtiums for Fall.
Brown Thumb Mama: Seed GROW Project Location Lesson.
The Write Gardener: Lazy Blogger.
True Epicure: It's a Trap!
Growing In Chicago: Watch out for those Nasturtiums.
The Garden of Live Flowers: October Nasturtiums That's a Wrap! 
Mini Garden Guru: SeedGROW Project #6-It Keeps Growing. 
Cheesehead Gardening: Seed GROW Project October Update.
Garden Mom 29: The Nasties Escape the Freezer.
Yard is Green: Aint Nobody Happy if Nasty's Aren't Happy.
The Running Garlic: Garden Wrap-up.
Our Little Acre: 'Spitfire' Nasturtiums Are Still Going Strong.
In The Garden Online: Spitfire? What Spitfire
Jenn's Cooking Garden: October is the end for the Nasturtium GROW Project.

If you have ideas for next year I'm open to suggestions.


  1. Thank you for setting this up, and talking me into doing it. I had a blast!

  2. Here's my October post. Thanks for coordinating this!

  3. This was fantastic, and thanks for including me! My post is up and although this year's nasties were not a huge success I've learned my lesson for next year. There are plenty of seeds left over and they're going in a shadier spot!

  4. This was a blast! I'd love to participate in anything you have going next year, just say the word! Thank you for hosting :)

  5. Howdy Mr. BT,

    Here's the link to my final thoughts on the Grow Project:

    I had a lot of fun being involved and would do it again.

    Thanks for including me!


  6. Here's my post:
    Thanks for putting all of this together!

  7. Thanks for organizing this! So much fun (and it got me blogging at least once a month. Sigh.)

  8. I haven't been home during the daylight in 2 days, so tomorrow I'll take pics and post for sure. Maybe we could do sunflowers next year.

  9. Thanks for setting this up.
    Here is my October post.

  10. Agreed, thanks for heading this. Here is my late post.

  11. Hello! I'm trying not to be late. You will be pleasantly surprised (as I have been) to see how the nasturtiums have been appreciating the cooler weather! :-) October post is up!

  12. My post was actually up on time this month, but I forgot to check in and post the link. D'oh.