Sunday, September 5, 2010

Seed GROW links for Sept #seedGROW

Sorry for the delay in making this post. September, the second to last month of the seed GROW project is here. Since this is a holiday weekend if you are late with your monthly post just post it in the comments.

MillerTime~ SeedGROW Project September Update.
Mahlzeit~ Still spitting fire in September
Garden Girl~ September Nasties.
The Home Garden~My Nasturtiums are Invisible
Garden Mom29~ In Stasis.
Evolution of a Gardener~ September Nasturtiums.
The Write Gardener~ Nasturtiums grew Best in bad Dirt.
Cheesehead Gardening~  Seed GROW Project September Update.
True Epicure~ They're Baaack.
Jenn's Cooking Garden~ Super-sized  Nasturtiums for September.
Garden Faerie~ Ruminastions.
Our Little Acre~ Seed GROW Project-September.
My Northern Garden~'Spitfires' Hanging in There
The Running Garlic~ Tough Summer for Gardening.
KTown Homestead~ Second Coming of Nasturtiums.
Yard is Green~ Seed GROW Project "Spitfire" Nasturtiums.
Indoor Garden_er~ Seed GROW Project Late Version.
The Garden of Live Flowers~ Nasties on the Rebound.
Mini Garden Guru~ SeedGROW Project#5-The Takeover Has Begun.


  1. I made it in first, woo hoo! (Guess it's obvious I had no holiday plans :) I modified my post after I first put it up to include the nasturtuim caper recipe.

  2. @GG-- Google claims not to recognize me, so I couldn't comment on your blog (wtf). Anyway, they look great despite the heat; I serendipitously planted all of mine in shady areas, which I think saved them from suffering. I am now going to pretend that I did that on purpose, and hope that everyone supports this.

    (P.S. On this blog, Google recognizes me just fine.)

  3. I have a post up - but well, let's just say my nasturtiums don't quite look the way they should!

  4. Here is my post!

    Not doing too bad over here! Thanks!

  5. Here's my September post:

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  9. Published on Sunday, but my site was down today. :(

  10. Here's my September post:

  11. September post -
    Sorry for the delay - this back and forth gardening is finally winding down!

  12. here you go....

    sorry for the delay - shana tova!

  13. Hi Mr. BTH! Here's the address for my September post! :-)

  14. Yar. This here be the late Seed GROW post from The Indoor Garden(er).

  15. Just found the blog. I love it. I wish I could be a part of it. Maybe next year. Thought I would post a link to my blog anyways though