Saturday, June 5, 2010

Seed GROW Links for June #seedGROW

Time for another seed grow post as tomorrow is the first Sunday of June. Hope you've had a great spring and your summer is off to a great start. How are you nasturtiums doing? Make sure to get your links in and that you're using the signature line.

  1. Garden Girl~ The Happy Nasties.
  2. In the Garden Online~ Peppers and Nasturtiums.
  3. The Running Garlic~ Gardening Update.
  4. Evolution of a Gardener~Growing Nasturtiums.
  5. Garden Faerie's Musings~ Nasty Companions
  6. Indoor Garden(er)~ Seed GROW project 3.
  7. Brown Thumb Mama~ Seed GROW project: In the Ground and Growin'.
  8. Really Rose~ Spitfires in my Garden.
  9. Mahlzeit~ Spitfires in June.
  10. Happy Hobby Habit~ Grow Project, Post 4.
  11. Gardening in my Rubber Boots~ It was a Success? Seed GROW Project.
  12. MrBrownThumb~ Damaged Nasturtium Foliage.
  13. The Garden of Live Flowers~ June: Where are the flowers?  
  14. Dotty Plants Journal~When the Weather is Hot, Nasturtiums are Not
  15. The Home Garden~ Grow Project: 'Spitfire' Nasturtiums Take Two.
  16. True Epicure~ Seed GROW: The Spitfires Bloom.
  17. Miller Time~ GROW Project Update.
  18. Our Little Acre~ Not Yet a Climber
  19. Garden Mom~ Heat Helps.
  20. Life on the Balcony~ Trellis Ideas for Nasturtiums.
  21. My Skinny Garden~ Colors That Command Attention.
  22. Cheesehead Gardening~Seed GROW project June update.
  23. The 6X8 Garden~ GROW-June Update.
  24. Get in the Garden~ Seed GROW Project: Miserable May.
  25. That MiniGardener~ Seed GROW Project for June.
  26. The Running Garlic~ Gardening Update.
  27. Jenn's Cooking Garden~ Nasturtiums...The progression of The Spitfire.
  28. K-Town Homestead~ A Twisted Nose.
  29. My Garden Journal~ The GROW project update.
  30. The Write Gardener~ Weather Like This Scares Me!
  31. Yard is Green~ The Grow Project-June Update.

"I'm growing Nasturtium "Spitfire" for the GROW project. Thanks, to Renee's Garden for the seeds."

^^ what the signature line should look like.^^



    Here's my link for June. Things are starting to grow! I can't wait to see how the nasturtiums are looking everywhere else.


  3. woo! I'm hoping my plants start looking anything like others' do. Everything seems to be growing slowly for me.

  4. My Nasturtiums are on the way OUT. Hot weather is not kind to them. Good thing I got an early start. I saved back seed to plant in the fall.

    Pictures from May 24 when they began to decline are here:

    Nasturtiums and Hot Weather

  5. I had to start again since my first batch completely croaked. Not quite sure what did they in but I do have more on the way!

  6. Been waiting for them to bloom!

  7. Here's mine:

  8. After Blogger finally got their act together, I got my post up:

    Seed GROW Project: Not Yet a Climber.

  9. Sorry, a day late cause I am so distracted...

  10. Blogger is back up! Here is my post:

  11. Sorry I'm some late with my report Mr. BT.

  12. Here I am!! It's still June!! Hope you enjoy my post. :-)

  13. Hi MR. BT, my July blog post about 'Spitfire' is live.

  14. Sadly, I have nothing to post. Mine gave up this month and I've pulled them all out. It turns out that June was the hottest month EVER in S. Fla., so I guess it's not surprising. :(