Friday, April 2, 2010

Seed GROW Project Links for April

If you didn't submit or I didn't find your seed GROW project link(s) for March, please drop the link in a comment in that post.

April, is the 'official' start of the seed GROW project. Make sure to publish your post about how you're sowing them this coming Sunday. Please add your link, or Email it to me, or send me a tweet or put it on the GardenBloggers Facebook page and I'll add them to the link list.

  1. The Garden of Live Flowers: April: Seed GROW project.
  2. Terra Mirabilis: Growing nasturtiums with the GROW project.
  3. Garden Girl: Seed GROW Project.
  4. The Garden of James: Renee's Garden Nasturtiums.
  5. Cheesehead Gardening: Experimenting with my seed GROW project seeds.
  6. Simple Pleasures: GROW project.
  7. Mahlzeit: In which we welcome the god and goddess.
  8. Dotty Plants Journal: Nasturtiums from the GROW project.
  9. In the Garden Online: Seed GROW project April.
  10. Get in the Garden: Seed GROW project.
  11. The Running Garlic: Nasturtium GROW project.
  12. MrBrownThumb: From Miss C.H. Lippincott to Renee's Garden.
  13. Garden Faerie: Hippy Hoppity, Nasties on the Way.
  14. The Home Garden: Starting Nasturtiums for the Grow project.
  15. Indoor Garden(er): Seed GROW Project, For-Real #1.
  16. The Write Gardener: Starting Easter Sunday.
  17. Our Little Acre: Decisions, Decisions.
  18. The 6X8 Garden: Seed Grow Project Nasturtium Spitfire.
  19. Gardening in my Rubber Boots: Germinating Nasturtium Seeds for GROW project.
  20. True Epicure: Seed GROW Project-April.
  21. K-Town Homestead: Now the green blade rises.
  22. Happy Hobby Habit: GROW Project 2.
  23. Life on the Balcony: Nasturtium Seed Scarification Experiment.
  24. Personal Garden Coach: Renee's Garden, 'Spitfire' Nasturtium & the GROW project.
  25. Brown Thumb Mama: Seed GROW project Milestone.
  26. Horticulture Madness: Seed GROW project: Spitfire Nasturtium.
  27. Jenn's Gardening Spot: Let's GROW together, That's the topic this Easter Sunday.
  28. Miller Time: Seed GROW Project: First Official Post. To soak or Not to Soak. Holy Germination, Batman.
  29. The Yarden: Trial by (Spit)Fire.
  30. My Skinny Garden: A New Way of Wintersowing.
  31. GardenMom: Seed Grow Project: Spitfire Nasturtium from Renee's Garden.
  32. Really Rose: Seed GROW Project April 2010.
  33. Evolution of a Gardener: Seed GROW project.
  34. My Northern Garden: Seed GROW: Spring is Early, I am Late.
  35. Does Everything Grow Better in My Neighbor's Yard: Seed Grow Project.

"I'm growing Nasturtium "Spitfire" for the GROW project. Thanks, to Renee's Garden for the seeds."

^^ what the signature line should look like.^^

UPDATE: It just dawned on me to create a hashtag on Twitter. So, I'll be using #seedGROW to promote posts. If you tweet your blog links use it and I'll RT your posts.