Sunday, October 3, 2010

seed GROW Links for October #seedGROW

Sorry for the delay in creating the post for the SeedGROW roundup. This is the final SeedGROW post for the season and I want to thank everyone for their participation. I hope to do something similar next season. If you continue to have reason for post (blooms, recipes, ideas) past this month into winter I'll be happy to create a post and link to this. I hope you enjoyed the project and got to meet some new garden bloggers and discovered a plant that you will grow for years to come. If you're late (raises hand) with your post feel free to drop a link to your post in the comments. Also, look over the past months and if I somehow missed your previous post please let me know, I want to make sure to get all of them archived.

Miller Time: SeedGROW October Update.
MrBrownThumb: 'Creamsicle' Nasturtium | 'Spitfire' Nasurtium (updated)
Mahlzeit: Spitfires soldier on.
Garden Faerie's Musings: The Scenic Route.
The Indoor Garden_er: Seed GROW Project #7 DOA.
My Skinny Garden: Plant Nasturtiums Facing North.
My Northern Garden: Deep Orange Nasturtiums for Fall.
Brown Thumb Mama: Seed GROW Project Location Lesson.
The Write Gardener: Lazy Blogger.
True Epicure: It's a Trap!
Growing In Chicago: Watch out for those Nasturtiums.
The Garden of Live Flowers: October Nasturtiums That's a Wrap! 
Mini Garden Guru: SeedGROW Project #6-It Keeps Growing. 
Cheesehead Gardening: Seed GROW Project October Update.
Garden Mom 29: The Nasties Escape the Freezer.
Yard is Green: Aint Nobody Happy if Nasty's Aren't Happy.
The Running Garlic: Garden Wrap-up.
Our Little Acre: 'Spitfire' Nasturtiums Are Still Going Strong.
In The Garden Online: Spitfire? What Spitfire
Jenn's Cooking Garden: October is the end for the Nasturtium GROW Project.

If you have ideas for next year I'm open to suggestions.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Seed GROW links for Sept #seedGROW

Sorry for the delay in making this post. September, the second to last month of the seed GROW project is here. Since this is a holiday weekend if you are late with your monthly post just post it in the comments.

MillerTime~ SeedGROW Project September Update.
Mahlzeit~ Still spitting fire in September
Garden Girl~ September Nasties.
The Home Garden~My Nasturtiums are Invisible
Garden Mom29~ In Stasis.
Evolution of a Gardener~ September Nasturtiums.
The Write Gardener~ Nasturtiums grew Best in bad Dirt.
Cheesehead Gardening~  Seed GROW Project September Update.
True Epicure~ They're Baaack.
Jenn's Cooking Garden~ Super-sized  Nasturtiums for September.
Garden Faerie~ Ruminastions.
Our Little Acre~ Seed GROW Project-September.
My Northern Garden~'Spitfires' Hanging in There
The Running Garlic~ Tough Summer for Gardening.
KTown Homestead~ Second Coming of Nasturtiums.
Yard is Green~ Seed GROW Project "Spitfire" Nasturtiums.
Indoor Garden_er~ Seed GROW Project Late Version.
The Garden of Live Flowers~ Nasties on the Rebound.
Mini Garden Guru~ SeedGROW Project#5-The Takeover Has Begun.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Seed GROW Links for August #SeedGROW

Time for another seed GROW update. If you were late with July's post feel free to leave it in the comments of the July post and I'll update the page with your link. Also, there's a PR agency in Chicago looking for reviewers of cleaning product for outdoor garden furniture. If you're interested in participating sign up here.

The Write Gardener~ Spitting Fire.
Personal Garden Coach~ Renee's Garden 'Spitfire' Nasturtium Update.
Garden Faerie's Musings~ Mish-Mash Seed GROW.
The Garden of Live Flowers~ August: At least the leaves are pretty.
Mahlzeit~Spitfires, and their cousins.
Garden Girl~ Ho Hum Nasties.
Cheesehead Gardening~ Seed GROW Project August Update.
Happy Hobby Habit~ Grow Project, Post 6.
Miller Time~ August SeedGROW Project Update.
Garden Mom~ Nastiness in August.
True Epicure~ Not an Epithet
The Home Garden~ Nasturtiums and an Arbor.
Indoor Garden(er)~ Seed GROW Project #5: Fun Nasturtiums Recipes.
My Rubber Boots~ I've Got NEW 'Spitfire' Nasturtiums: Seed GROW Project.
K-Town Homestead~ They break your heart every time
In the Garden Online~ One Word: Pathetic.
Get in the Garden~ Seed Grow Project 3.
MrBrownThumb~ Climbing Nasturtium "Spitfire" 
Our Little Acre~ A Nasturtium Grows in Ohio.
Jenn's Gardening Spot~ Nasturtiums and some hidden surprises.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Seed GROW Links for July #SeedGROW

Time for another round of the seed GROW project. The first Sunday of July is just a day away and the links for July's updates about your Nasturtiums are due. What's happening with your Nasturtiums? Are they blooming? Are they vining? Have they petered out on account of your summer? Tells us! I know it is a holiday weekend, so it is ok if you're a little late. Get those links in.

Also, I'm opening up my blogroll at for participants of the seed GROW project. There is a catch though; you must have posted every post to date. Send me a bio (short paragraph about your garden blog), Your URL, a link to your favorite post on your garden blog, A link to your Twitter page, FB fan page and or Flicker account, What state you live in, and what type of garden you have. Check out some of the entries on the blogroll for an idea about the format. When you're ready send the information to

The Write Gardener~ First Things First.
My Northern Garden~Pretty in Pots.
Gardenfaerie~ Keepin' on Keepin' On.
Miller Time~GROW Project: July Update.
Happy Hobby Habbit~ Grow Project, Post 5.
Life on The Balcony~ A Tale of Two Nasturtiums.
The Garden of Live Flowers~Irrational Exuberance . 
In The Garden Online~ July Seed GROW: A Flaw in My Plans. 
Our Little Acre~Seed GROW Project: July Update.
The 6X8 Garden~GROW-July Update.
Cheesehead Gardening~Seed GROW Project July Update.
True Epicure~ Hot.
Mahlzeit~ Nasturtiums are not just for salads.
The Home Garden~ Grow Project Hangin' in There.
Read Between the Limes~ July Seed GROW Project.
Garden Mom29~ Month of Extremes.
Garden Girl~ Nasties on the Move.
The Indoor Garden(er)~ Seed GROW project #4.
K-Town Homestead~ Flowers in Vegetable Garden.
Brown Thumb Mama~ Seed GROW Project: Baking in the Sun.
Jenn's Cooking Garden~ Getting your Nasties on at night! A nighttime look at the "spitfire"
Get in the Garden~  Seed GROW Project: Spitfire-works in July.
Gardening in my Rubber Boots~ Maybe Nasturtiums Like Torrential Rains.
The Mini Garden Guru~ SeedGROW Project #3-Planted and Blooming.
Really Rose~ My Spitfires 
Seed Scatterer~ Second Chance for Nasturtiums 
Yard is Green~ Seed GROW Project 'Spitfire' Nasturtiums.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Seed GROW Links for June #seedGROW

Time for another seed grow post as tomorrow is the first Sunday of June. Hope you've had a great spring and your summer is off to a great start. How are you nasturtiums doing? Make sure to get your links in and that you're using the signature line.

  1. Garden Girl~ The Happy Nasties.
  2. In the Garden Online~ Peppers and Nasturtiums.
  3. The Running Garlic~ Gardening Update.
  4. Evolution of a Gardener~Growing Nasturtiums.
  5. Garden Faerie's Musings~ Nasty Companions
  6. Indoor Garden(er)~ Seed GROW project 3.
  7. Brown Thumb Mama~ Seed GROW project: In the Ground and Growin'.
  8. Really Rose~ Spitfires in my Garden.
  9. Mahlzeit~ Spitfires in June.
  10. Happy Hobby Habit~ Grow Project, Post 4.
  11. Gardening in my Rubber Boots~ It was a Success? Seed GROW Project.
  12. MrBrownThumb~ Damaged Nasturtium Foliage.
  13. The Garden of Live Flowers~ June: Where are the flowers?  
  14. Dotty Plants Journal~When the Weather is Hot, Nasturtiums are Not
  15. The Home Garden~ Grow Project: 'Spitfire' Nasturtiums Take Two.
  16. True Epicure~ Seed GROW: The Spitfires Bloom.
  17. Miller Time~ GROW Project Update.
  18. Our Little Acre~ Not Yet a Climber
  19. Garden Mom~ Heat Helps.
  20. Life on the Balcony~ Trellis Ideas for Nasturtiums.
  21. My Skinny Garden~ Colors That Command Attention.
  22. Cheesehead Gardening~Seed GROW project June update.
  23. The 6X8 Garden~ GROW-June Update.
  24. Get in the Garden~ Seed GROW Project: Miserable May.
  25. That MiniGardener~ Seed GROW Project for June.
  26. The Running Garlic~ Gardening Update.
  27. Jenn's Cooking Garden~ Nasturtiums...The progression of The Spitfire.
  28. K-Town Homestead~ A Twisted Nose.
  29. My Garden Journal~ The GROW project update.
  30. The Write Gardener~ Weather Like This Scares Me!
  31. Yard is Green~ The Grow Project-June Update.

"I'm growing Nasturtium "Spitfire" for the GROW project. Thanks, to Renee's Garden for the seeds."

^^ what the signature line should look like.^^

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Seed GROW Projects Link for May #seedGROW

First, I want to thank everyone who signed up to participate and completed the April post. I noticed that a lot of the bloggers used SeedGROW or some variant of the project title in the post, which is well and good. Although, feel free to change it up a bit to your benefit. For example; if your next post is about how to fertilize your Nasturtium seedlings you could title your post "How-to Fertilize Nasturtiums," "Fertilizing Nasturtium Seedlings," "Fertilizing Nasturtiums." Using keywords from your post will help your blog post get placed in search engines and help people who are using Google to find gardening advice discover your blog. Also, make use of the alt attribute when you upload images to your blog so that when people use Google image search they may find your post.

The May posts are due May 2, 2010. Feel free to leave the link to your May post in the comments here, tweet them to me on Twitter ( hashtag #seedGROW ) or place them in the Facebook group.

  1. Indoor Garden(er)~ Seed GROW project #2
  2. Jenn's Gardening Spot~ Spitfire's climbing the ladder
  3. Garden Faerie~ Miss Jackson if you're Nasty
  4. Mahlzeit~ Spitfires and walnuts, hipsters and uncles
  5. Ktown Homestead~ Edible Flowers
  6. The Garden of Live Flowers~ Planting out the Nasturtiums
  7. The Write Gardener~Nasturtium 'Spitfire' GROW project
  8. Gardening in my Rubber Boots~ Potting My Nasturtium Seeds for the GROW project
  9. The Mini Garden Guru~Seed GROW project, 2010
  10. Brown Thumb Mama~ Seed GROW project Location, Location, Location
  11. Cheese Head Gardening~ Seed Grow Project Update
  12. MrBrownThumb~ Direct Sowing Seeds in the Garden
  13. Garden Girl~ Sad
  14. Simple Pleasures~ Grow Project
  15. Get in the Garden~ Seed Grow Project
  16. Happy Hobby Habit~ Grow Project, Post 3
  17. The Running Garlic~ May GROW project update
  18. The 6X8 garden~ Sowing Nasturtiums
  19. The Garden of James~ Spitfire Nasturtiums
  20. My Skinny Garden~ 3 Things About Sowing Nasturtium Seeds
  21. Miller Time~ Seed GROW Project Update
  22. Garden Mom~ Getting Out of the House for a Bit
  23. True Epicure~ GROW Project- May
  24. Really Rose~ Spitfires in the Garden
  25. Life on the Balcony~'Spitfire' Nasturtium Container Combination Ideas
  26. Our Little Acre~ Nasturtiums are Go!
  27. Evolution of a Gardener~ Grow Project Nasturtium Sown
  28. Dotty Plants Journal~ GROW project May 2010 Update
  29. Creative Country Mom~Watching Seeds Grow
  30. Yard is Green~Seed Grow Project-'Spitfire' Nasturtiums!
  31. The Home Garden~Grow Project: Spitfire Nasturtium on a Garden Obelisk

"I'm growing Nasturtium "Spitfire" for the GROW project. Thanks, to Renee's Garden for the seeds."

^^ what the signature line should look like.^^

Friday, April 2, 2010

Seed GROW Project Links for April

If you didn't submit or I didn't find your seed GROW project link(s) for March, please drop the link in a comment in that post.

April, is the 'official' start of the seed GROW project. Make sure to publish your post about how you're sowing them this coming Sunday. Please add your link, or Email it to me, or send me a tweet or put it on the GardenBloggers Facebook page and I'll add them to the link list.

  1. The Garden of Live Flowers: April: Seed GROW project.
  2. Terra Mirabilis: Growing nasturtiums with the GROW project.
  3. Garden Girl: Seed GROW Project.
  4. The Garden of James: Renee's Garden Nasturtiums.
  5. Cheesehead Gardening: Experimenting with my seed GROW project seeds.
  6. Simple Pleasures: GROW project.
  7. Mahlzeit: In which we welcome the god and goddess.
  8. Dotty Plants Journal: Nasturtiums from the GROW project.
  9. In the Garden Online: Seed GROW project April.
  10. Get in the Garden: Seed GROW project.
  11. The Running Garlic: Nasturtium GROW project.
  12. MrBrownThumb: From Miss C.H. Lippincott to Renee's Garden.
  13. Garden Faerie: Hippy Hoppity, Nasties on the Way.
  14. The Home Garden: Starting Nasturtiums for the Grow project.
  15. Indoor Garden(er): Seed GROW Project, For-Real #1.
  16. The Write Gardener: Starting Easter Sunday.
  17. Our Little Acre: Decisions, Decisions.
  18. The 6X8 Garden: Seed Grow Project Nasturtium Spitfire.
  19. Gardening in my Rubber Boots: Germinating Nasturtium Seeds for GROW project.
  20. True Epicure: Seed GROW Project-April.
  21. K-Town Homestead: Now the green blade rises.
  22. Happy Hobby Habit: GROW Project 2.
  23. Life on the Balcony: Nasturtium Seed Scarification Experiment.
  24. Personal Garden Coach: Renee's Garden, 'Spitfire' Nasturtium & the GROW project.
  25. Brown Thumb Mama: Seed GROW project Milestone.
  26. Horticulture Madness: Seed GROW project: Spitfire Nasturtium.
  27. Jenn's Gardening Spot: Let's GROW together, That's the topic this Easter Sunday.
  28. Miller Time: Seed GROW Project: First Official Post. To soak or Not to Soak. Holy Germination, Batman.
  29. The Yarden: Trial by (Spit)Fire.
  30. My Skinny Garden: A New Way of Wintersowing.
  31. GardenMom: Seed Grow Project: Spitfire Nasturtium from Renee's Garden.
  32. Really Rose: Seed GROW Project April 2010.
  33. Evolution of a Gardener: Seed GROW project.
  34. My Northern Garden: Seed GROW: Spring is Early, I am Late.
  35. Does Everything Grow Better in My Neighbor's Yard: Seed Grow Project.

"I'm growing Nasturtium "Spitfire" for the GROW project. Thanks, to Renee's Garden for the seeds."

^^ what the signature line should look like.^^

UPDATE: It just dawned on me to create a hashtag on Twitter. So, I'll be using #seedGROW to promote posts. If you tweet your blog links use it and I'll RT your posts.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Seed GROW Project Links for March

The seeds from Renee's Garden for the seed GROW project have started landing in mailboxes. While the first post isn't due until April several of the participating garden bloggers are getting a head start. I'll update this post with links to the blog posts of everyone sowing this month. Don't forget to add the signature line to your posts so that I can collect them through Google Alerts. Feel free to drop a link to your monthly post in the comments below. Visit as many these blogs as you can every month to see how your fellow garden bloggers are doing. I'll be posting two links; a direct link to your post and a link to your blog. I will also share some links to your posts on Twitter & Facebook.

"I'm growing Nasturtium "Spitfire" for the GROW project. Thanks, to Renee's Garden for the seeds."

^^ what the signature line should look like.^^

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You've Got Mail!

I sent an Email to all the participants of the seed GROW project from my mrbrownthumb (-at-) account. Please read it.

According to Nellie at Renee's Garden the seed packets went out in the mail to all the participants.

Sign up to follow this blog by using the friend connect form on the right or the RSS button. We'll be posting links to all the posts every month.

UPDATE: If you can or want to start your blogging about the seeds in March you can. will be doing a winter sowing themed post.